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CoolWear | Supima | Crew Neck | White

Our CoolWear Supima® white crew neck undershirt is constructed from a lightweight 2x1 rib knit, 100% extra-smooth American-grown Supima® Cotton.

One (1) premium Supima cotton, white undershirt.


An ideal fabric and knit blend that absorbs & ventilates at the same time.

The Specifics: Supima® Undershirts

  • Made from American-grown extra-long staple Supima® Cotton
  • Feels silkier on the skin than standard cotton and is exceptionally soft
  • Stronger & smoother than standard non-pima cottons
  • Long-lasting durability and softness even after repeated washing
  • Less pilling and smoother finish
  • TagFree care label
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What our customers are saying…

  • Stacey
  • Very Happy w/Purchase

My husband didn't want me to buy these because of price. I bought them anyway...5 of them...crew and v-neck. He loves them and so do I. Very sexy. Had to have 2 replaced because of small defect. Hassle free replacement. Very impressed with product and customer service. Hope this company does very well!

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hello there Stacey! Thank you so much for your great feedback & comments! We're so happy you and your husband are happy with our CoolWear Supima crew neck undershirts :) We're here if you need us!

  • Tim Reed
  • @curtailored

I love my RibbedTees. Great form fit, perfect length for staying tucked, and well made. My only complaint is that the collar doesn't come high enough on my neck and when wearing a summer dress shirt with a spread collar, it is visible just below the dress shirt's collar line. That doesn't change the fact that I'm very happy with my shirts and will continue purchasing more.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hello Tim! Thank you so much for the great feedback! We'll be sure to share your thoughts with our Product team :) We're very happy, you're happy.

  • Matthew
  • The best undershirts around

Have been wearing these for a few years now and they are excellent, good comfort, very durable, and a flattering fit. Only reason I ordered more is that I had been wearing the V neck cut (old job was suit but no tie) and have switched to the crew neck (new job suit and tie). Just as good this time around, and having tried all sorts of others, these are the best around.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank yo so much Matthew! We're happy you're happy with our CoolWear Supima Crew Neck & V-neck undershirts :)

  • Jean Andersen
  • Supima Ribbed Tee

He loves his new Supima Ribbed Tees. Quite an enthusiastic response from one who had never, until he experienced your superior fabric and fit, paid any attention to a garment he had considered quite mundane. My first order was for three Supimas (just to try them out) and the immediate response was, "please order six more - right away."

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Jean. We're so happy to hear your man is enjoying our CoolWear Supima undershirts!

  • John
  • On me now

I am wearing it now. Such a great shirt and the cost is not too bad either.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Lovin it John! Thank you!

  • Nick S.
  • Perfect

An American made shirt that is perfect for what I need every day. I will be using all my old undershirts for rags and filling my drawers with ribbedtees now.

-- RibbedTee Response --
That's great news Nick! We're a little sad for your old undershirts, but not too much :)

  • Kris
  • Back for the Best

My first order, I got a mix of all the t's to try them out.

Then on this second order I got a whole box of these Coolwear Supima shirts. Bottom line: they're the last undershirt I'll ever wear, period. You simply can't buy a better shirt. Nothing else fits as well, nothing else washes as well and nothing else can be this comfortable. I just can't go back and even expensive boutique stores don't match this quality.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Wow, Kris -- that's incredible! What a wonderful testimonial and review. Thank you so much :) We really appreciate your business!

  • Rick
  • Ribbed T

I have worn Jos. Banks Cotton Ts for years but their quality changed. I ordered the Ribbed Ts after reading an article in Esquire that mentioned them. I must say I love the fit and feel of these Ts. Love the longer fit. Ordering more soon.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey there Rick! Thank you very much for the great compliment and 5-star review! We're so happy you are enjoying your new CoolWear Supima V-Neck undershirts. Thank you Esquire for mentioning us!!

  • Ryan Heneise
  • Very nice undershirt

This shirt feels very nice to wear, it holds up well under daily use, and the ribbed pattern subtly creates an effect of dimension and texture under an outer garment. I do like the other shirts that I ordered from RibbedTee, but I like this one so much I wish I had just ordered five of this one.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hi there Ryan! We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying your CoolWear Supima undershirts! Thank you for taking the time to let us know!

  • Stephanie
  • SD

Your products are great, my husband loves the t-shirts! Your website is very easy and thank you for the sweet and professional customer service.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Wonderful! It is our sincerest pleasure. Thanks so much Stephanie :)

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