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Make It At Home: How To Remove A Set-In Deodorant Stain

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Let's cut to the chase.

Most of the videos or articles you'll come across on the internet related to removing set-in deodorant stains are 100% DEAD WRONG.

We'll keep this short & simple to save you time, and aggrevation.

What Won't Remove Deodorant Build-up From Shirts

  • Vinegar & Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Salt & Water
  • Asprins & Water
  • Baking Soda & Water
  • Borax

Any underarm stain that has a notable amount of deodorant build-up, or discoloration from antiperspirant will not be able to be cleaned using any of the above solutions.

They just aren't strong enough to dissolve the minerals that have set into the fabric.

How To Remove Deodorant Stains & Buildup From Shirts

In the last year, over 125,000 people have found this at-home deodorant stain & remover solution, and thousands have confirmed it actually WORKS.

The #1 At-Home Deodorant Stain Removing Solution

A mixture of:

  • 50% Lime-a-way
  • 40% water
  • 10% Liquid Detergent

Another similar household cleaner that can act as a deodorant stain removing solution 

  • Krud Kutter

Other Deodorant Stain Removing Solutions

  • Deo-Go (
  • Oxi-Clean (does not clean deep, set-in stains)

For details on all of these solutions, please visit this in-depth article detailing how to remove deodorant stains at

Cooling Cap Saves Teenage Girl From Nearly Fainting

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Cooling ClimaCap

Hi Folks,

Mike here, from RibbedTee (that's me above).

I wanted to share an incredible story that happened to me personally just last weekend.

Every Sunday I get the opportunity to go hiking around the greater Los Angeles area with a wonderful group of people.

Last Sunday we hiked the San Vicente Mountain Loop, a 1,960-foot summit that was used at the start of the cold war as a defense site to protect Los Angeles from Soviet attacks.

The hike has some fairly steep inclines, and it was going to be a warm 86 degrees, so I thought it would be a perfect environment to stress-test our new Cooling Cap.

If you're not familiar with it, our Cooling Cap is a first of it's kind product, and is powered by Peltier technology (like what's used in your computer to cool the CPU).

To explain it briefly, there's a small 1.5" tile on the inside front of the cap that cools to 3 chilling temperatures when you turn it on. The tile cools your forehead, and as a result of the cooling, it helps you feel cooler all over.

When you feel cooler, you're generally able to perform more strenuous activities for longer periods of time.

So, I wore our Cooling Cap, and turned it on as the hike started to get more difficult for me.

Once it was on, and started to cool my forehead, I felt cooler all over, was sweating less, and had a revived level of energy.

It kind of felt like I was recovering while I was hiking!  It worked AMAZING!!

But, that's not the incredible part of the story.

One of my colleagues (Dr. Michael Breus, a world-renowned sleep doctor) was on the hike with his teenage daughter, Carson.

Carson started getting really fatigued from the heat, looking slightly pale, started feeling very light-headed, as if she were about to faint.

Extremely concerned, I offered my cap to her, thinking it could possibly help her.

Amazingly, within 5 short minutes, she was feeling better, and she was able to complete the hike without any troubles -- she was so happy & appreciative to be wearing the cap.

Dr. Brues (& Carson) were so amazed by how effective the Cooling Cap worked, that we are now in discussions to see how this same cooling technology can help some of his patients sleep more comfortably.

It's the real deal. This Cooling Cap really works!

Oh, and yes, I'm wearing an undershirt in the above photo -- our deep v-neck EVO TENCEL undershirt :)

Dwayne Johnson's Black Tank Top: Fate of the Furious (2017)

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The latest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise opens today.

Early indication is that The Fate of the Furious (2017) is going to be another box-office hit, with 94% of Google users saying they enjoyed the film.

If you were curious what black ribbed tank top Dwayne Johnson was wearing throughout the movie, look no further.

Dwayne was wearing our MicroModal/Supima Tank Top!

We're incredibly honored Mr. Johnson has been and continues to be a fan of RibbedTee, and we look forward to keeping him looking good and feeling great!