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See what customers are saying about our RibbedTee undershirts!

  • “As I came home after work and changed into a clean ribbed tee tonight, I realized to my astonishment that the perfectly fitting, comfortable, soft and familiar tee was a piece of clothing I purchased probably 4-5 years ago. Since then, my ribbed tees have been laundered and worn dozens of times, if not hundreds, of times. I wear them to work under my shirts, in the evening , and even to bed. They all look and fit just like new. They are even softer than new, getting better and better after each wash. In short, ribbed tees are the best clothing investment I've ever made and are a staple of my wardrobe that I can't live without!”Michael

  • “When I first put this tee on, O.M.G. It felt wonderfully soft, I felt like I was snuggling with Salma Hayek, yes, it felt THAT Good!”Jason

  • “If you wear an undershirt, it should be a RibbedTee undershirt. Period.”Brandon A

  • “I've looked for years to find the perfect undershirt. I gave up, thinking it didn't exist. Well, you did it. Brilliant.”Erik

  • “The tee is an amazing undershirt! In addition, the material is as soft as lion fleece HAHA.”Keven

  • “I purchased one cool wear v-neck shirt as a test. I love it and am purchasing 11 more to make an even dozen! Best fitting, coolest and most comfortable t-shirt I have ever owned.”Alan B

  • “the T's are kickin' like Judo. 5-star review.”Bryan

  • “Your undershirts are the best I've ever owned, and I find myself wearing them even in situations I would have previously not worn an undershirt, just because they're so comfortable.”Jesse

  • “As a purchaser, I'm left with a sense that my order actually matters. I don't recall this emotion from any of the other 1000+ online purchases I have made. Well done!”Robert H

  • “I have been looking for the perfect t-shirt/undershirt for about 6 years and finally found it with the Retro-T.”Joe

  • “Can I tell you that the tee I bought from you is the most amazing t-shirt I’ve aver owned! I plan on going back on line to purchase several more.”Gary R (Uniform Boston)

  • “Greetings, I am very pleased with the product, and I am hard to please.”Bob

  • “Just wanted you to know that my husband LOVES his Classic Fit undershirts and asked me this morning to order more. SO glad to have found you.”Amy G.

  • “Just want to say I love the shirts. And I also love that they're made right here in America. Will recommend your shirts to all my friends and family. Please keep up the great work. Thanks”Joseph N

  • “I received the t-shirts. They are AMAZING!”Joseph P.

  • “Just received my first shirts from you, they're fantastic. Perfect fit, soft, just as described. Thanks for making a great product, worth every penny.”Andrew T

  • “I waited all weekend to wear my new Ribbed T. Holy Crap! What great t-shirt! Best fit, moves with me, doesn't pull outta my pants when I reach up.....damn good job people!”Chris

  • “Excellent products!! this will be my goto source for inside shirts.”Patrick C.

  • “The thinner fabric and smoothness of this [Retro Fit] undershirt should be a staple in every mans attire. Wished these had been developed years sooner.”Chris H

  • “Best undershirts I've ever worn, and I am incredibly picky about undershirts (ask my wife).”Mr. Picky

  • “RibbedTee is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies.”Ryan

  • “Best undershirts ever! First ones that ever fit me in 37 years.”Brian P.

  • “...they are absolutely wonderful...These shirts fit and are comfortable. I mean comfortable as hell.”Petrov_W

  • “I love your product. I'm a flight attendant and am constantly bending down, reaching, reaching above my head. You name it, it's easy for my shirts to become untucked. Yesterday I had no such problem.”Gregory

  • “Anyone out there who is above 6 feet... seriously go and buy some Ribbed Tee undershirts. They are definitely a holy grail item for us tall dudes.”cjm

  • “They are the best undershirts I have ever tried on, and I look forward to being a life-long customer of RibbedTee.”Josh

  • “I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... Awesome customer service. Feel free to quote me in your promo material on that.”Richard

  • “RibbedTee represents, without equivocation, the BEST value in undershirts.”Chris

  • “I gave them a go last week, and I like them much more than my current Hanes undershirts.”Acute Style

  • “I love the Retro Fit V-Necked undershirts -- they're the best fitting t-shirts I've ever worn.”Nicholas S.

  • “This is a dope m-f-ing T-shirt. (the CrossOver Tee)”Mark R.

  • “I have to be real honest here...You've got a great thing going on. I feel great today. Your shirts have to be the best I've worn.”Jamie B.

  • “there's always one shirt that for some reason seems to fit better than anything else you own and just always look good? THAT'S THIS SHIRT.”John

  • “RibbedTee fits better, feels better, hold their shape...Because of that, Hanes undershirts are no longer even an option for me.”Jovan

  • “I recently bought RibbedTee Classic Fit V neck in medium and the fit is excellent. At $10 shirt they are not the cheapest option, but they fit perfectly.”Osorex

  • “Retro Fit is great! It's about the only V-neck I've found that is deep enough to actually stay hidden with the top 2 buttons undone on a button-up shirt.”Chris H

  • “This one fit me personally, and quite well, I may add...I highly recommend these as well. For $27 for a 2 pack of undershirts, it’s pretty reasonable. These are nice enough to give as a gift.”Made in USA Blog

  • “I do truly enjoy RibbedTee undershirts, and haven't worn a full undershirt for years.”Chris S

  • “The Best Undershirt. Just got my RibbedTee [Retro Fit] undershirts, they are fantastic, I highly recommend.”Complainer in Chief

  • “after wearing @ribbedtee undershirts, wearing fruit of the loom feels like i'm being strangled by a very weak person.”@brewner

  • “@Rue122 - Got my @ribbedtee shirts in the mail today. I'm not gonna lie...these are f'ing sweet.”@Rue122

  • “RibbedTee classic v-necks are not only some of the nicest undershirts on the market, they'll last quite a while too.”ducatisteve

  • “Quite easy to stay comfortable in the raddest f**king undershirts on earth!”Chris S.

  • “"Love them. Excellent product man and yes, I'll be ordering more. The ribbed are REALLY NICE. I'm wearing one right now!"”Mitch English - The Daily Buzz

  • “Can I just say how happy I am with your undershirts; really an outstanding product.”Lewis from Australia

  • “a BIG THANK YOU FOR your customer friendly and personalized assistance!”elane

  • “Got my order today - love your stuff (it's great for a tall guy) and love that it's Made in the USA!”Walter C

  • “Dreamy...the undershirt, that is. Why? Because, as a man, you wear one ALL THE TIME. Might as well make it a good one."”Pinned by Daniel M.

  • “ husband LOVES these Retro Fit shirts as he has been searching for a replacement for his old Towncraft shirts. DONT EVER STOP MAKING THESE!!!”Dana

  • “Holy ridiculous response time Batman! Fabulous. Thank you so much. Gold star for the day to Customer Service.”Stephen

  • “The longer cut of the RibbedTees coupled with their slimmer cut, makes it feel like I’m almost wearing a second skin. There’s no untucking, no extra fabric, just clean lines.” Style Editor Gabe Alonso

  • “Best undershirts I have owned, the length can't be found any where else, stays tucked, that is the selling point”Anonymous @