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Retro Fit | Crew Neck | White | 2-Pack

A loose knit, super soft, relaxed fit jersey white crew neck undershirt. A fit and feel reminiscent of the great, but no longer made vintage Towncraft 50/50 undershirts.

A pack of 2 retro fit, crew neck, white undershirts.


Voted Esquire's Favorite Non-Cotton Undershirt & Valet's Best All-Around Undershirt!

Our Retro Fit fabric is cleansed in a specially designed wash, smoothing the fabric's surface, and leaves every undershirt buttery-soft.

The Specifics:

  • Relaxed fit body design
  • Blended with moisture wicking and moisture absorbing yarns. Keeps you feeling cool and dry
  • Extremely soft & lightweight, semi-sheer, loose knit stretch jersey fabric
  • High Collar Crew Neck
  • TagFree care label
  • Washes down to size
  • Made in the U.S.A.

What our customers are saying…

  • Rich
  • Nice shirt, unfortunate seam

These are extremely soft, nice fitting t-shirts. They are see-through, which is not a problem because they are undershirts after all. However, they are constructed with a side seam rather than being tubular. The seam is not visible in any of the pictures, so I was a little surprised, although not entirely, as nobody seems to take the effort to produce seamless t-shirts anymore except for the big boys (Hanes, et al). Personally, I think t-shirts with seams look trashy and cheap. So I would not purchase this again due to this. But, like I said, other than that, a top-quality, comfortable shirt. I'll probably use the ones I bought as chamois for my shoes.

-- RibbedTee Response ---
Hey there Rich -- thank you for providing your feedback. We're happy to hear you find our Retro Fit undershirts of top quality & comfortable, and we appreciate that you prefer undershirts without side seams. Thank you once again!

  • Bobby Guin
  • Review

I wasn't all that happy with my shirts. They run really small and felt really tight. I'm overweight, and I guess I should've gotten a bigger size (even though I don't wear a bigger size in any other shirt I own). Oh, and they are quite expensive.

I just bought these a few weeks ago, but I went ahead and bought a six-pack from Jockey yesterday. I'm sure some skinny, bearded, V-neck wearing hipster thinks these shirts are just "AMAZING!!", but they're not at all for me.

Beyond that, the customer support people here are really nice. That's what got them 2 stars instead of 1.

-- RibbedTee Response --
We're really sorry you weren't happy with your Retro Fit undershirts, but we have to say -- that's the nicest darned not-go-good review we've ever received :) We have not yet heard feedback that these items run small, but we will certainly share your thoughtful feedback with our team. If you're looking for some alternate relaxed fit, slightly looser undershirts, we'd recommend taking a look at SHIRTLESS Undershirts, one of our sister-product brands.

  • Rick Hollander
  • Great undershirt

Always soft. Never bunches. Wouldn't change if you paid me.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Fantabulous Rick! We're so happy to hear that you wouldn't change from RibbedTee :)

  • Frank
  • Retro Fit Crew Neck

I like the fit & feel of this lightweight undershirt. The only problem I seem to be having is the neckline seems to get that 'bacon frying' look really fast - after just several washings. I wear a large - not really a big guy so I don't think I am stretching them out. For this reason I usually only were the undershirt when I plan to wear a tie and the bacon neckline will not be seen.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hello Frank, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, and for the overall great review. If your collar is deforming some after several washes, there may be a defect and we'd happily replace it 100% free of charge. Please contact us so we can assist you further :)

  • LMK
  • Men's Undershirts Evolved Retro Fit

Dear RibbedTee:

RibbedTee men's evolved undershirts.
Your products are great. Cool to wear in the heat, but also keep you warm when too cool. Very light, hardly know I have it on, very comfortable. However, large size is large++ for me (even after 2-3 washes), thin men should get the medium size...

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thanks so much LMK! We're sorry to hear of our size large was too big for you even after washing/drying, but we will certainly make sure to forward that feedback over to our Product team :) Thank you for your support and for your business!

  • Ryan
  • Nice but expensive

I like these undershirts. Soft. Comfortable. I do feel like they could have been more breathable. Living in the south, they got warm after a while. But ultimately it's about the dollar. The shirt is a good product but simply too expensive.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thanks so much for your feedback Ryan. While we believe our undershirts offer a very good overall value for the price, we do understand and appreciate your opinion. If you're looking for other lightweight undershirts that'll keep you cool in the South, checkout our EVO TENCEL & Retro Tri-Blend undershirts :)

  • Mark Rosenberg
  • Yay

I rarely write reviews. Also I rarely spend this much money on a t-shirt. But this is worth every penny. It is the most comfortable t-shirt I have ever owned. I will buy it again. And I am a cheap ass bastard. So if you like treating yourself treat yourself to this shirt.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Oh boy Mark, that's spectacularly brilliant! Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts about our Retro Fit undershirts :)

  • Richard
  • Good Tee, almost perfect

Wish the shirt was not too long, great for real tall people. But that is a small issue. The shirt feels great.

Wish you had another style that was just a little thicker so you cant see thru, but still keep this style for summer. Also if you could offer a XXL in this too. Thank you for finally making a tee-shirt like the old Towncraft. !!!

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Richard for taking the time to comment and provide your very positive review. We'll be happy to share your feedback with our production staff and have them consider your suggestions for future product offerings :) In the mean time, we hope you enjoy your new RibbedTee Retro Fit Undershirts!

  • michael dotson
  • Nice Shirt

I was hoping to wear this as just a t-shirt; not an undershirt. However, they are too thin for that (see-through). Also, the length is just too long -- ideal for undershirt though.

Sizing options put me at a bit of a loss. Large fits my chest however, even with a long torso -- It's still too long. I tried a medium and it's a bit too snug around my chest. However, the length is much better!

Bottom line: I'd recommend this for an undershirt. Lacking as just a plain-t. I was hopeful!

-- 8/08/14 RibbedTee Response --
Hi Michael, thanks so much for stopping by and reviewing our RibbedTee Retro Fit 50/50 undershirt and for the recommendation! We really appreciate it :)

As you noted, our Retro Fit 50/50 undershirts are definitely designed lightweight with a loose-knit knit weave fabric (to keep you cool) that is semi-transparent. Certainly best worn as an undershirt, but some customers have let us know they've dyed these different & darker colors at home, with Rit Dye, allowing them to wear the item as a tee shirt. Something to keep in mind! Thank you once again for the positive feedback!

  • Jeremy
  • Pros and Cons

There are definitely some pros and cons to this shirt, mostly pros though

Background: I'm a big dude. I usually wear a XL shirt, but I ordered a Large because I like to wear undershirts a little smaller, and I worry about necks being too loose.

Pros: It's super soft, good neckline if you want a little tighter fit, shirt length is long so it stays tucked in, and sleeves are short. Held it's size really well after a washing.

Cons:I don't know if this is because I sized down, or if this is how ribbed cotton is supposed to be, but the shirt is kind of see-thru. Again, it's an undershirt, so it's not a huge worry, but you have to plan ahead. If you're wearing a dress shirt (my intentions with this shirt) and it shows part of the undershirt below the neckline, it looks a little funny because it's see thru.

TL;DR: It's a great shirt with the right application. But I'm still looking for the perfect undershirt for my dress shirts.

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