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EVO TENCEL | White | Crew Neck Undershirt

Wow, that's SOFT! That's exactly what you'll be saying when you drape yourself in the wonder of our most luxurious EVO TENCEL® White Crew Neck Undershirt.

One (1) premium EVO TENCEL/Spandex white crew neck undershirt with Raglan sleeves.


EVO makes ValetMag's Best of the Best Undershirts Top Picks.

Softer than silk, cooler than linen, our EVO TENCEL crew neck undershirt will gently hug your torso and disappear underneath your shirt, as if you weren't wearing an undershirt at all.

The Finer Details:

  • Ergonomic Raglan sleeve design
  • Longer back tail helps keep undershirt tucked
  • Unbelivably soft & fitted. More gentle on the skin
  • Crew neck style. Perfect for wearing with ties or top button open collar
  • Lightweight & breathable. Only 130gsm
  • Optimum moisture management. 50% better performing than cotton
  • TagFree care label
  • Made in U.S.A

What our customers are saying…

  • John Grau
  • Outstanding

These shirts are amazing, game-changers. I'm sold on them.

-- RibbedTee Response ---
Thank you John! That's music to our ears :)

  • Spike
  • Very comfortable!

Just put the new shirt on -- here are the fresh impressions:

Very comfortable right out of the package. I was truly desperate to find an undershirt that was thin enough to not drive me crazy, and this seems to fit the bill.

Quite stretchy, and very long. I'm 6'2" with a long torso, and I could wear this as a minidress. The raglan sleeves and tight fit will take some getting used to, and although maybe not as optimum for workouts as a more traditional, looser fit would be, it should be OK. Those with massive arms should be aware that the fabric will have to stretch to accommodate.

I'm relieved that something like this is available, and that prompted my immediate review.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Spike! There's some great information there, and we're really happy you're enjoying our longer, stay tucked EVO TENCEL undershirts :)

  • George Hoyt
  • The real deal

My EVO TENCEL ribbedtee was exactly what was promised. Comfortable and cool with great look and fit. I liked them so well I bought 3 more for me and 2 for my son. 5 stars for me for making a great pick.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thanks so much George! We're so happy you are enjoying your new deep v-neck EVO TENCEL undershirts! We hope your son loves them as much as you ;)

  • Fin
  • Not bad

The material is a little thin and paper-tissuey, for want of a better word, but it feels nice against the skin and truly, you won't remember you're wearing it. Top marks there. Also, a big shout out to the customer service guys - again, top marks for attentiveness, promptness and courtesy.

However, if this is a true undershirt, it's supposed to be hidden so the arms should be cut a little shorter so that they don't peep out from under the sleeves of any short-sleeved attire you wear over it. This is primarily a warm-weather sweat barrier for me so it's a nightmare trying to find something in my wardrobe to cover this design flaw. It's better than the deep V neck option of the same material, however, because the high neck offers you more options with what you can wear over it without showing off so much man-cleavage - however, its high neck means the top of the undershirt is visible if you pop even one button on your work shirt. FAO Ribbedtee designers, there's a happy medium to be struck for folks who wear undershirts to work!

A further positive is that visibility is quite well masked by the grey colour, if you're wearing it under white.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thanks so much for your feedback Fin. We sincerely appreciate it!

Thank you for your comments about the sleeve length. We try to balance a sleeve that is not too short or too long, but will certainly share your thoughts with our Product team.

We will also submit a recommendation for a mid-depth (more shallow) EVO TENCEL V-Neck undershirt to give Customers like yourself an option for something less deep :)

  • Dan
  • The Better Option

I bought this shirt and also some of their white cotton v-necks and this tencel shirt blew them out of the water. While I cannot recommend anyone buying their Cotton undershirts this tencel undershirt is incredible. Perfect fit and smooth design make for an extremely pleasant experience. It is expensive but the feel is world-class and I will be getting more in the future.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you so much Dan! We're glad you're enjoying our EVO TENCEL crew neck undershirts!

  • Mike
  • Great shirt

I have a long torso so the length was key and the thinness is also a plus

-- RibbedTee Response --
Great stuff Mike!! Thank you!

  • Daniel
  • Mind Blowing

I have always bought cheap 5 packs of white shirts at Walmart or Ross and they were OK in the past but sometimes a little baggy which would create wrinkles that could be seen under my fitted dress shirts. The sleeves too would have a little bit too much fabric and would create small lumps on the upper arm. These shirts NEVER stayed tucked in. I am so glad I gave these shirts a try!! They are much thinner and breathe better (which is great for Arizona!), they are longer and good for tucking in, they are super soft, and the fit is incredible. It feels like I am wearing nothing at all! It's not tight like sports spandex but it hugs my body perfectly as if it were made for me. I am completely blown away.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Now that's music to our ears Daniel! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your happiness with us :)

  • A
  • cooling and comfy undershirt!

Arrived even faster than promised; I was able to forget that I was even wearing an undershirt it was so comfortable!

Quite snug, as advertised, but once it's on, I got used to it quite quickly. I feel cooler with the shirt on than off!

That said, while the the sleeves are longer than other shirts I've tried, they're a smidge shorter than I'd like. That's the only part that I could still sometimes feel as I was wearing it.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Great stuff A. Thanks so very much for sharing your feedback & thoughts with us!

  • Drew McManus
  • Isn't living up to expectations

Nutshell: these aren't worth the upsell price point. The good is good but the bad is uniform dealbreaker. I would love to see this design in a synthetic material or something natural that avoids the problems described below. I would return all four undershirts I purchased but ribbedtee's return policy is so strict, I can't. Buyer beware.

For frame of reference, I'm 5'11" and 165#.

1) The fit was excellent. I like the fitted but not full on compression cut and the sleeves were long enough not to get bunched up under my arm.
2) The crew neck line was low enough to fall inside my shirt's collar line but not so high as to feel like I'm being choked.
3) Tagless

1) The material has a very cottony feel that pulls against all of my dress shirts. I can see where the short is "stuck" against the undershirt and causes folds and a generally sloppy look. It's so bad that I only wear these undershirts when I know I won't be taking off my vest and/or jacket.
2) Static cling is horrible. I've followed the wash/dry instructions to the letter and the undershirts are always riddled with static cling. None of my other shirts or older undershirts have this problem so it has to be something related to these undershirts.
3) Very thin material. These undershirts are definitely semi-opaque, which is not something I prefer.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Drew for your feedback! Our EVO TENCEL undershirts are from our Extra Light undershirt category, so we do agree with your comments about their semi-opaqueness :)

TENCEL is more silk-like, so it will have a more natural feeling compared to most polyester and some nylon synthetics. If you're looking for an undershirt with a more slick surface, we'd recommend our CoolNylon undershirts (Execwear Collection).

We're not sure why your outer shirts are clinging or sticking to our EVO TENCEL undershirts, as we have not received similar feedback in the past, but we are sharing that information with our team for further investigation.

Similar to other manufacturers, our Return Policy allows for returns of tried on items (for size/fit). This provides our customers with the opportunity to ensure they are happy with the fit & feel of our clothing. These items may be returned for a full refund.

We're here if you need us and want to thank you once again for your comments and feedback!

  • Glowgyrl
  • Fabulous undershirt

Fabulous undershirt. Wears very well, Super comfy and breathable. Nice non-discrete collar and dries quickly. Highly recommend these tencel products!

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Glowgyr!

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