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EVO TENCEL | White | Crew Neck Undershirt

Wow, that's SOFT! That's exactly what you'll be saying when you drape yourself in the wonder of our most luxurious EVO TENCEL® Made in USA White Crew Neck Undershirt.

One (1) premium EVO TENCEL/Spandex white crew neck undershirt with Raglan sleeves.


EVO makes ValetMag's Best of the Best Undershirts Top Picks.

Softer than silk, cooler than linen, our EVO TENCEL crew neck undershirt will gently hug your torso and disappear underneath your shirt, as if you weren't wearing an undershirt at all.

The Finer Details:

  • Ergonomic Raglan sleeve design
  • Longer back tail helps keep undershirt tucked
  • Unbelievably soft & fitted. More gentle on the skin
  • Crew neck style. Perfect for wearing with ties or buttoned collar
  • Extra lightweight & breathable
  • Optimum moisture management. 50% better performing than cotton
  • TagFree care label
  • Made in USA

What our customers are saying…

  • Jaim Turcios
  • Great Undershirt

This Undershirt Is Great Concealed can’t See it under my Dress Shirt, it absorbs my Sweat thus Keeping My Dress Shirts Clean.

-- RibbedTee Response --
YES!!! That is music to our ears Jaim :) Thanks for stopping by and letting us know!

  • Wes Hooker
  • kind of a weird feel, expensive

Good . . . feels snug but not restrictive, material is verrrry thin so you can wear slim fitting dress shirt with no clumpy feeling . . . nice and long for a good tuck, tan color makes shirt quite unnoticeable under light dress shirt.
Bad . . . material feels "plasticky", takes some getting used to if you are accustomed to cotton. Kinda expensive.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Good stuff there Wes. Really appreciate you taking the time to share all that with us. Our EVOs are made from TENCEL (from Eucalyptus wood trees), so it's possible it's those cellulose fibers that feel different from cotton. Of course, we hope you love them, but if for any reason you're not, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you further.

  • Gary Cronin
  • EVO TENCEL | Tan | Crew Neck Undershirt

Great shirts! They don’t show under white dress shirts, which was my reason for buying them. Would like to see this same shirt in a v-neck.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey Gary, great to hear and thanks so much! You'll be happy to know we offer our EVO TENCEL v-neck undershirt in a Tan color as well :)

  • juan angel gonzalez
  • nice shirt

very nice fabric.. but for some reason I didn't realize that the color that I chose was a gray color.. I wanted it white but well sometimes happened.. we made mistakes. thank you

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thank you Juan! Happy to hear you're enjoying your new EVO TENCEL undershirts! If you'd like to exchange the grey undershirts for white undershirts, please do let us know. We'd be happy to assist you with that!

  • RJ
  • Awesome

What a find. I have been wearing standard cotton tees as an undershirt for years- could never wear a white shirt or any light shirt as they were too visible. The ribbed tee eco tencel shirts are simply amazing and far exceeded my expectations / very light / totally sweatproof / blend in very well even under white business shirts and comfortable to wear all day. Couldn’t recommend highly enough. The light grey looks better on its own that the tan but the tan is a little less visible than the grey on a white business shirt. My advice is to get both. Only recommendation to the company is to bring out a shorter V (for wearing with just top button undone as crew neck shows) whereas the deep V is great when wearing two buttons undone but The V is a little visible when wearing just top button undone with white shirt

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey there RJ. Thanks so much for the 5-star review of our EVO TENCEL undershirts! Also, thanks for the great suggestion of a shallow v-neck version too. We'll be sure to share that product idea with our team. We appreciate your feedback, and of course, your business!

  • Danny
  • Ultra soft and Durable!!!

I’m a firefighter from Houston and had been looking for a breathable/durable undershirt to accompany our polos, which dry quickly but aren’t the softest against your skin. These undershirts definitely alleviate that and still allow the polos to breathe. If you’re looking for the best job or suit undershirt...this is it. I’m 5’ 8” and weigh 210 lbs. I choose the Large size. It fits closer to my skin, but not like compression shirts. I’d describe my body type as “fit dad bod” lol. Hope that helps with sizing.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey there Danny! Glad to hear you're enjoying our gear -- Mr. Fit Dad Bod :)

  • Harry Anderson
  • Best undershirt on the market

Great product!!

-- RibbedTee Response --
Thanks so much Harry!!

  • Robbie Gore
  • Comfort and Durability

Ribbedtee offers the best undershirt, for the price, I have found. Their product is more comfortable and breathable than other brands I have tried. I can also note that the durability of these undershirts is impressive. I purchased one undershirt and have been wearing it for months now. I have been wearing multiple times a week and washing after each wear. The shirt shows no sign of deterioration. It is just as comfortable as the day I bought it and is keeping its form well too.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey there Robbie. Thanks so much! "Best Undershirt" has a nice ring to it ;)

  • Jeremy F
  • Changed my Life!

I had alternated between white cotton t-shirts as undershirts and going without an undershirt. I either, therefore, looked bulky or sweated through my shirts. These undershirts solve both problems. They are skin tight, but super comfortable, and not only do they prevent sweat from getting to my dress shirts, but they legitimately cool me down so I don't get overheated. I bought two shirts and have worn them basically every day for 6 weeks. They've held up extremely well so far. I plan to buy a few more! Honestly could not be happier. I don't review products very often but I have been so pleased with these that I felt compelled to do so.

-- RibbedTee Response --
Wowza, now that's one INCREDIBLE review & testimonial!! Thank you so much Jeremy!



-- RibbedTee Response --
Hey there Shawn! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us!

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