Hey folks, Mike from RibbedTee here.

With the holidays now behind us and 2013 coming to a close, my wife Kim (RibbedTee Co-Founder) and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you who have supported and believed in us, our brand, and our products over the last five years.  

That encouragement, support, and your feedback has been a critical component in our development. It has also helped us become one of the most recommended Made-in-America Undershirt brands available today! 

We're proud of what we've accomplished so far, but we're even more excited about new things to come! Here's a quick recap of 2013, and some upcoming plans for 2014.

Shipping Fees

We regularly hear from customers that our shipping fees our too high -- and you know what --we think so too!  A key initiative for 2014 is to find ways to lower our shipping costs so we can pass those savings on to our customers. Until then, be sure to check out our Free Shipping offer.

Order Processing Improvements

We've invested a good amount of time and money to speed up our shipping times and improve our shipping accuracy. We've partnered with ShipStation.com to help manage our larger volume of orders and have also placed bar code labels on all of our items which will help us reach near 100% order accuracy in our pick, pack, and ship operations.

New Customer Support Tool

In mid 2013, we began using Freshdesk.com to manage all inbound Customer Service inquiries. All email and voicemail messages get routed into a central ticketing system and assigned to one of our agents. Our goal with this new tool is ensure every inquiry is responded to quickly, consistently, and with the same friendly service.

More Undershirts Coming

We don't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon, but in addition to the technical tee we announced a few months ago, we'll also be adding some great new daily-wear undershirts during the first half of 2014!

Good-For-Your-Feet Socks!

We've begun partnering with the best sock knitting mills in the United States to bring to you a selection of American-made socks that you'll actually ENJOY wearing.

Give Your Feet A Treat. RibbedTee DressWear Compression Socks are now available!

Underwear with a Twist

There's no way we'd launch a RibbedTee brand underwear product if it didn't have something REALLY special about it. 

While we can't yet share the super-secret specifics, we can tell you that:

  • > We're making them in the USA, of course
  • Launch is currently scheduled for Feb/March 2014
  • First run will be boxer-briefs, dark color
  • They'll be extremely comfortable (fit & fabric)
  • They'll fix a problem

No more hints!

If you're interested in getting on our Underwear Pre-Order listdrop us a line