Let’s face it, nobody wants to go around constantly adjusting their clothes, worrying about pit stains, making sure everything stays tucked in or feeling uncomfortable in their own skin.

That stuff can completely mess with your confidence.

When it comes to what you wear, you don’t just want to look good, you want to FEEL good. 

To feel good, you must get the basics right first and foremost.

And by basics, we mean undershirts, underwear, & t-shirts.

The Basics: Buying Underwear, Undershirts & T-Shirts

To ensure you're on track buying the right basics, make sure you're getting underwear, undershirts & t-shirts with:

  • The right fit: You feel more comfortable when you have the right piece of clothing and material on. Plain and simple
  • Soft & body-friendly fabrics: The right piece of clothing is one that is skin-friendly and feels smooth on your skin. The better the material feels, the better you’re likely to feel, so stay away from fabrics with a coarse material
  • Breathable, sweat-wicking material: Material matters. Too thick, and you'll overheat. Too absorbent and you'll feel wet
  • A separate t-shirt and undershirt collection: Never confuse a t-shirt with an undershirt. They're different

Your confidence is directly correlated to how good you feel. 

When it comes to what you wear, getting the basics right means you're well on your way to that ever-wonderful confidence boost.

Top 5 Tips Covered In Our Video

In cooperation with David at the Threadability YouTube channel, we've identified the top 5 tips to buying underwear, undershirts, & t-shirts.

David shares his insight into the key things to look for when buying basics, and how they all work together to improve your confidence.

In the video below David shares his top 5 tips, and dives deep into each one, including:

  • Tip #1: Undershirt - Go for softer materials
  • Tip #2: Undershirt - Get the right fit
  • Tip #3: Undershirt - Invisibility. Keep them hidden
  • Tip #4: Tees - They're not the same as undershirts. Know the difference
  • Tip #5: Underwear: Find the right shape


For those who prefer to read, below you'll find the transcript to the above video, plus some bonus information including photos and more.


What's up?

It's David K., a.k.a. Threadability and I have a question for you today. 

Have you ever been at the office or working from home, or even about to go out and you're in your best outfit feeling productive and confident just to be thrown off your game, because something isn't sitting right? 

Your undershirt isn't staying tucked or even that tee isn't feeling good, or you're even adjusting the boys through the pocket? 

It's a total confidence killer, right? 

Confidence shouldn't be reserved for those special nights out or occasion. I want you to feel it while you're at work, at home, no matter what you're wearing because that leads to motivation and positivity. 

I want to feel confident no matter what I'm wearing. 

Today, we're talking about the basics of feeling confident in your clothes.

If you follow me on Instagram and you've been subscribed here for a little bit -- which if you haven't, go ahead and hit that Subscribe button real quick -- but we talk about confidence quite a bit.

It's both an internal mental and physical game. Both aspects come together to help you feel confident in what you're wearing. 

Today, I want to talk about that physical aspect of feeling confident; and no, I'm not talking about going to the gym and getting fit or buying the best new clothes. I'm talking about how you feel in your clothes that translate into feeling confident.

Did you catch my poor attempt at a pun at the beginning of this video?

Okay, cut me some slack. I want to back it up and talk about basics because they're the foundation of confidence in an outfit. 

Let's talk about undershirts, tees; and as a bonus, underwear and how they up your confidence game.

I want to start by building confidence from the inside of your outfit.

First, I want to say thank you to RibbedTee for sponsoring this video and providing the base layers that we're going to be talking about today.

I know I'm not the only one who's had his confidence completely thrown when I don't feel comfortable in my clothes. 

Like I said before, it just knocks you off your game; whether you're having to re-tuck an undershirt or fix a tag in a tee or even mess with the boys because something's chafing, it's just not what you want to be experiencing.

A―nobody wants to see that

B―you look a little weird messing around with your junk, or your shirt, or whatever, and having to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes just to get it adjusted.

I wasn't somebody who paid attention to those base layers, and that's pretty common because when you think about being confident in our clothes, we're not thinking about those layers that are touching our body first. 

We just grew up wearing them thinking that they're a necessity and not something that contribute to how we feel in our clothes. 

But I've seen their importance become more mainstream and more widely understood, and I'm totally on that train because that confidence begins in those base layers. That's how we start feeling good with what we're wearing.

Today, we're talking about the five things that are going to help you pick the best, basics, or undergarments and feel confident in what you're wearing, regardless if you're heading out, going to work, or staying home. 

Number one, let's start with undershirts. 

Tip #1: Undershirt - Go for Softer Materials

Make sure you're going for one that's soft and is a material that feels good on your skin.

RibbedTee uses EVO TENCEL, which is a silk-like feeling fabric that is super thin and moisture-wicking. It's designed to feel comfortable on your skin, and almost like you're not wearing anything at all. Go thinner to get that confident feeling.

Bonus Tip I: Moisture-Wicking, Breathable Materials

Another major key is moisture-wicking because we all know how sweat stains can cause discomfort and be total confidence killers.

I personally tend to wear an undershirt with dress and casual shirts because I also want to protect the outer shirt from those sweat stains. 

Now remember, moisture-wicking and breathable are not the same thing. Those cotton shirts are breathable, but they don't necessarily wick the moisture away from your body. It's time to get rid of those cotton shirts with the sweat stains because they're not helping you.

Bonus Tip II: Go for a Tagless Option

Lastly, go for a tagless option because you don't want to be fussing around with a tag at the neck or the side of your shirt. That's definitely another confidence killer. 

Basically, you're going to want to go for something that's thinner, moisture-wicking, and tagless to help you feel confident in that undershirt.

Tip #2: Undershirt - Get the Right Fit

For number two, we're sticking with undershirts but we're addressing fit. You want to buy the right size.

If you go for something that's too long or has too much material, you're going to be fussing with it again.

If it's too short, it's going to keep popping out and you're going to feel restricted. Those are both going to be confidence killers as well. 

First, make sure that the undershirt is long enough. Remember, the whole point is for it to stay tucked. It's not a tee.

undershirt long enough to stay tucked

You want it to be long enough to stay tucked when you inevitably have to bend over or sit at your desk, or get pushed into the middle of a dance circle at a wedding. You want to be able to do those things and stay tucked and confident.

The back of RibbedTee's undershirts is actually a little bit longer to help you stay tucked.

RibbedTee does a really good job of designing their shirts to hug the body. Again, we're not getting that extra material to fuss around with under our shirts.

close fitting undershirt

Now, they also have two different fits that I'm a fan of―the fitted, which is a little bit more tight to the body and hugs it a little bit more; and a more relaxed fit, which comes away from it a little bit.

It's just upon your preference and what feels good to you.

Tip #3: Undershirt - Invisibility

Number three, when it comes to wearing undershirt, I do not want to see that neckline. That is a major pet peeve of mine, especially when you're wearing a collared shirt, you shouldn't be able to see anything. It should be virtually invisible. 

In that case, it's got to be a V-neck so I don't see it. If I can see a hint of that undershirt, it's a surefire way to know that you're wearing the wrong kind of shirt and that's going to drive you nuts, trust me.

RibbedTee offers a V-neck and also a deep V-neck so that you can leave that first couple of buttons of the shirt unbuttoned, and not see anything, feel like yourself, total confidence booster this time.

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I know those first three points were a bit more dedicated to undershirts but for number four, let's talk about tees. 

Tip #4: Tees - Have A Separate T-Shirt and Undershirt Selection

Now, what if you just want to wear a simple tee out?

Well, to you, my friend, I say just make sure it's not the same as your undershirt, even if you plan on layering it.

[For more information on the differences between t-shirts and undershirts, check out this article.]

Typically, those tees that you wear on their own are meant to be seen. You want them to be clean and free of those pit stains. Most of those tips from the undershirts still apply to tees, except for the deep V. 

You don't want the deep V because...well, you know why you don't want the deep V.

You may also want to consider a thicker material than undershirts so they're not almost see-through.

The RibbedTee T-shirt is a little bit thicker and more saturated in color and stands on its own.

Made in USA T-shirt

I'd be comfortable wearing this on its own or layered with an open button shirt.

Made in USA Black T-shirt. For layering

Now, I still recommend going for something that's tagless and has softer materials. 

RibbedTee has a mix of TENCEL and Spandex to give you a little bit of stretch. You might also see a Supima cotton, which has longer fibers that help avoid pilling and stay softer longer.

It's also worth looking at pre-shrunken RibbedTee or pre-washed shirts so that you don't have to deal with the aftermath from washing it the first time. 

Bonus Tip: Hang It Up

Lastly, hang it up, keep it stored nicely because if you're going to be wearing it off and on its own, you don't want to come out wearing a ton of wrinkles.

hang-up undershirts and t-shirts

Tip #5: Underwear - Find the Right Shape

All right, number five. Wait. Hey, what's that under there? I made you say it, didn't I?

Okay. You, at least thought it, right? Fine, give me the benefit of the doubt. We're talking about underwear for this last point. 

Again, the same rules for confidence and comfort apply when you're getting dressed below the waist. 

Find the right shape for you.

I personally go for a boxer brief because it helps me avoid chafing, bunching, and constant adjusting―you know, the constant confident killers that we've only been talking about this entire video.

RibbedTee came out with this 3D pouch design as well, which is the first time I tried it but it lets everything fit in there pretty comfortably while avoiding those problems we talked about.

How do I know it works? Because I'm wearing them right now. [wink] 

The same principles apply here as the undershirts. You want something that's smooth and comfortable on your skin as well as breathable and moisture-wicking. RibbedTee uses a cool nylon fabric that does all of that. 

When I first saw these, I thought it's going to be like wearing compression shorts all day, which if you've done that after the gym, it isn't very comfortable. But these are actually comfortable and breathable. Another confidence booster from RibbedTee.

If there's one thing you take away from this video, I want you to remember that how you feel in an outfit, regardless of what you're wearing or where you are, is more important than how you look in it. 

Getting those basics right is the first step in that. 

Key takeaways are:

  • get that fit right
  • have breathable and moisture-wicking materials
  • have a separate T-shirt and undershirt selection, and
  • do the same for the boys downstairs

Use these guidelines to set up your undergarment collection and avoid just one more confidence killer that gets in your way. 

Let me know down below in the comments if you ever dealt with these same confidence killers or you have any other to add that I missed. 

Make sure to like and subscribe here [on YouTube], and follow me on all other platforms @threadability.

Thank you again to RibbedTee for sponsoring this video.

If you want to check out their selection, I've got a link down below in the description. You can use code FIRST20 to get a little bit of a discount there as well. (link)

Until next time.