Here's a question from a customer who travels a lot, with limited access to laundry facilities, and asking about odor resistant undershirts. 

Which of the two undershirts, the EVO TENCEL or the Execwear CoolNylon, is odor resistant?

I often have to travel extended trips and do not always have access to laundry.



Odor Resistant Undershirts

Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our products!

You'll be happy to know that both our EVO TENCEL & Execwear CoolNylon undershirts are odor resistant.

TENCEL is a premium variation of LyocellHere's what TENCEL fibers look like.

TENCEL is an odor resistant fiber

It's a more ecologically friendly yarn derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, and is a big brother to Modal & MicroModal, vicose (i.e. viscose from bamboo), and rayon.

All of these fiber types are known to fight bacterial growth, which is the primary cause of odor.

The nylon used in our CoolNylon products is non-oleolphilic (does not absorb oil), so any body odor oils ‚Äčthat transfer to the fabric during daily-wear, will wash out completely after a brief hand-wash.

Quick Drying Undershirts

Between the two, our EVO TENCEL undershirts will dry a bit faster than our Execwear CoolNylon undershirts, but both undershirts will certainly air dry overnight.

Pro Tip: A pro-tip is to blast the fabric with a hot hair dryer for a few minutes, and that will help accelerate the drying process. Though, that is not normally necessary, unless you're in extremely humid indoor conditions.

Odor Resistance

Also, if you are unable to wash the items for a period of time, both undershirts could be worn multiple times without being washed, and still not have any notable odors.

In fact, we have had customer report that they have worn our EVO TENCEL undershirts daily for 2+ weeks without laundering, and there were no noticeable odors after 2+ weeks!

If you're looking for quick drying underwear as well, our G3 CoolNylon Boxer Briefs are made from the same fabric as our Execwear CoolNylon undershirts, and as such, will also air dry overnight :)

We're here if you have any other questions, so please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.