Curious as to what makes our G3 Boxer Briefs unique?

Check out an email exchange RibbedTee's founder had with a colleague who asked that very question.

I really like the look of the G3 waistband. What seperates these [boxer briefs] from anything on the market?

Mike's Reply

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Honestly I was kinda getting disenchanted with the "exposed" waistbands because they had a tendency to fold over, and also make my modest love handles poke out more than they really should have been, leaving me feeling less confident about myself.

I simply didn't love the way the exposed waistband boxer briefs fit, or looked on me.

The main "features" that separate G3 Boxer Briefs from everything else are:

  • Our low profile, love-handle friendly, hidden waistband
  • The X3Pouch

Love Handle Friendly Waistband

Our hidden waistband has a lower profile, sits slightly lower on the waistline, and is less binding than boxer briefs with wide exposed waistbands.

With this design approach, our waistband will be more forgiving, and in turn be more visually complementary on a wider varitey of body types.


It's truly 3 dimensional, anatomically mirroring our man-equipment, and constructed in a unique way from all other underwear pouches.

Also, we use a special micro stitch on the outer & inner pouch panels, that is barely detectable (so it won't bother "mr. happy").

Boosting Confidence

Those above features, combined with the other characteristics, make our G3 Boxer Briefs literally the most comfortable underwear I've ever personally worn (and I've tried a lot).

To be totally honest, I also feel a lot more confident in how our G3 Boxer Briefs look on me, and how I feel wearing them.

I do hope our Customers will feel the same way about them as I do, and am excited to see what the market thinks of them.