Wondering which color undershirt is least visible under a white or light colored dress shirt? 

Here's a question we received from a Customer on that very topic:


What is the best color (beige or grey) for medium complexion white male, for wear under a white dress shirt.

I have some of your white EVO TENCEL undershirts, and they are visible with a white shirt but love them for everything not white.



Tan or Grey? Which Undershirt Color To Choose

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your question and for being a RibbedTee Customer!

Neutral-colored undershirts, such as Tan or Light Grey, are best worn under light colored or white shirts, to keep the undershirt as hidden as possible.

When wearing white shirts that have a slight amount of transparency, in most all cases, tan/beige/nude colored undershirts will be less visible than grey undershirts.

Some men prefer not to wear tan colored undershirts, so light grey is offered as an alternative neutral color.

In general, grey is a bit more of a versatile color than tan, as the color pairs/matches with a good deal of other colors.
As far as visibility, under light colored or white shirts, the following is generally true:

  1. White undershirts are most visible
  2. Grey toned undershirts are much less visible than white undershirts
  3. Tan undershirts are least visible of all colors

As noted above, and generally speaking, tan is the least visible undershirt color to wear under white dress shirts. 

However, there may be exceptions if your skin tone is very pale or very dark.

For example, if you have very fair/light skin, it is possible that a tan undershirt will still be visible under a white shirt due to the contrast there will be between your skin tone and the undershirt color.

A best practice is to find an undershirt color that has the closest contrast to your skin color.

The best way to determine which color undershirt is least visible with your skin tone, under white or light colored shirts, would be try both colors.

We hope you find the above information helpful.

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