Dear RibbedTee Customers,

During the first few months of 2013, you may have experienced many of our items showing to be temporarily out of stock.  This has been primarily caused by the following two items:

  • 1.  A large increase in demand for our Made-in-USA undershirts. We've seen a 20% increase in demand during the first few months of 2013 compared to the preceeding three months of 2012 and a whopping 45% increase in demand compared to the same time last year!
  • 2.  In Q3 of 2012 we worked with our supplier partners to implement several new quality control measures. During some recent production runs, we found certain components did not meet our exacting specifications, and as such, those components were rejected and required to be re-manufactured.

At RibbedTee, we take manufacturing our Made-in-the-USA undershirts very seriously and our first priority is to ensure our customers receive the same great products they expect from us. 

As a result of the increased demand and new quality control measures, we've found that some of our more popular styles and sizes have become out-of-stock more rapidly than we anticipated.

We're in the process of ramping up production to meet the demand, and optimizing the quality assurance measures in an effort to minimize low stock-level situations in the future. 

We're sincerely thankful for the high level of interest in RibbedTee and we're committed to offering quality undershirts, Made in the USA, that offer the best fit, feel, and functionality in their price class!

Please drop us a line if you have any questions. 

Mike, Co-Founder & Managing Partner