At RibbedTee, we're happy when our customer's are happy. We appreciate it when people take the time to write in with their comments, compliments, and questions.

Dominic happy in his new RibbedTee!Here are just a few of the comments we've received recently via Facebook, Twitter, and of course, email too!

From @RenaizzanceSoul at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. (via Twitter)

"Got my first order from WOW!!! I'M HOT!! LOL"
"My new favorite shirts!! They don't lose shape after wearing them over & over. Can't wait to order more..."
"The blue to compliment my ... *flawless" (Photo)

From @

"New undershirts from arrived. How can something so simple be so good?

From (via Twitter)

" Do you ever plan to carry grey shirts again or just plan to move the expected date forever? It's been at least 4+ months!"
" sorry 4 the delays. our fabric suppliers had problems sourcing the heather grey yarn we require but they now have it!"

From Patrick W (via email)

"holy crap, the T-shirts are exactly what I wanted.  You cannot find, ANYWHERE, V-Necks that are ribbed like wife beaters.  They are awesome, and less expensive than the others.  Perfect."

From Andrew (via email)

"I got the t-shirts and I love them. Thanks for selling them"