A question from a consumer challenged with his old traditional undershirts having sleeves that are longer than his short sleeved shirts.

I have a problem with the sleeves of my tees extending beyond my short sleeve shirts. how does your product address this issue? Also, do you offer a sleeveless tee?

Are Your Undershirt sleeves too long? Our Reply.


Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service and for your interest in our undershirts!

When the short sleeves of an undershirt extend beyond the end of short sleeve shirts, it's an indication of three things:

1. The undershirt sleeves are too long (a practical assumption)

2. The side shoulders of your current undershirt are too long for your shoulder width

3. A combination of #1 and #2

The best way to determine whether or not an undershirt sleeve will be short enough would be to:

1. Measure the length of your existing undershirt sleeves (measurement "D" in this graphic)

2. Measure the length of your undershirt's side shoulder/shoulder strap (from where the sleeve attaches to the body to where the collar attaches)

The combined length of 1+2 above determines whether or not the sleeve of your undershirt will extend beyond your short sleeve shirts.

As a point of reference, our RibbedTee CoolWear SupimaMicroModal, and Execwear CoolNylon undershirts in size Medium have a combined length of approximately 12.5".

Our Retro Fit undershirts have slightly shorter sleeves as well.

In most cases, our undershirt sleeves will be shorter than the sleeves on short sleeve shirts.

Based on your email, we would surmise that your current undershirts have a measurement (1+2) that is several inches longer than ours.

We do not offer sleeveless muscle shirts at this time, however, we do offer two different styles of tank tops (a-shirts).

We hope the above information has been helpful.

Please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

RibbedTee Customer Service

Image Credit: http://sleevesprouts.blogspot.com