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An Embarrassing Issue: Nipples That Poke Out

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A customer writes in asking us for some advice on what undershirt would help mask & flatten his chest:

Hi, I have a question about your Undershirt itself.

I like to wear Tshirts and polo shirts too but try not to wear them because of an embarrassing issue.

My nipples tend to stick out more and makes me concious of how I look especially if it's white or lighter color shirts.

So my question is will these undershirts help in my situation?

Will they make the shirts thicker?

Thanks, Ed.

Our Response:

Hello Ed,

Thank you for contacting RibbedTee Customer Service, and for your interest in our undershirts!

Your question is a great one, and we'd be happy to assist you :)

Generally speaking, there are three types of protruding nipples on men:

  1. Puffy nipples
  2. Pointy nipples
  3. Moderate gynecomastia

One of the best ways to mask any of the above, is to wear a "fitted" undershirt.

Fitted undershirts offer slight compression, while still being comfortable to wear.

If the condition above is more prominent, it is best to wear a compression/slimming (shapewear) undershirt.

We unfortunately do not sell any men's shapewear undershirts at the moment, but our friends at Underworks do offer a great selection of these.

Our most fitted undershirt is our EVO TENCEL, so you may want to give that undershirt a try first, and see if it helps you feel more confident when wearing a t-shirt or polo. If not, we'd recommend buying something from Underworks.

Please do let us know if we can be of any further assistance :)

Ultimate Guide to Undershirts For Men (Video)

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Here's a great video from our friends over at the Gentleman's Gazette, offering a comprehensive look at Undershirts for Men.

3 Hacks To Eliminate Sweat Marks

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If you're looking for ways to eliminate sweat marks, here are 3 great suggestions from our friend Aaron Marino of Alpha M.

The effectiveness of these solutions goes up, depending on the severity of your sweating.

1. Wearing an undershirt. Aaron recommends RibbedTee EVO Undershirts, and is wearing our EVO TENCEL Grey Undershirt in the video below.

2. Thompson Tee. Another made in the USA undershirt that has extra sweat-through protection in the underarm area.

3. SweatBlock. A 7-Day antiperspirant, that you apply at night. Stronger and more effective than most over the counter antiperspirants.

3 Hacks To Eliminate Sweat Marks